Kalaanjali School of Dance & Music offers lessons in several areas. Please contact Meenakshi Ganesan for information on class schedules and fees.

Bharatanatyam Dance and the Natyashastras
Offering training in Bharatanatyam is the primary focus of Meenakshi Ganesan at Kalaanjali. Training in Bharatanatyam is offered in the traditional method by the teaching of the Natyashastras. A detailed curriculum is given to and discussed with each student when they join Kalaanjali.

The Natyashastras are one of the greatest creations in the field of dance, drama, and theater. While the scope Natyashastras is well beyond dance, the Natyashastras offer a systematic education in the basic dance steps, hand gestures, foot movements, eye movements, neck movements, rhythms, facial expressions, and the other rules and principles that make up the the foundation of the dancing art.

Semi-classical, and Folk Dance
At Kalaanjali we strongly recommend all dancers to pursue Bharatanatyam because of the depth and systematic method of study that it offers. However, when learning Bharatanatyam is not feasible or is not of interest to the student, the student may opt to learn semi-classical dances, or folk dances. Non-Bharatanatyam students will be taught steps and other dance techniques on an as-needed basis to complement and enhance the dance items that they are learning at any given time.

Indian Carnatic Classical Music
Kalaanjali offers a solid beginners training in Indian Carnatic Classical Music. Please contact Meenakshi Ganesan for more information. Currently, there is a children's class in progress, and soon an adults class will also be started.