Yatho Hastas Thatho Drishtir, Yatho Drishtis Thatho Manaha
Yatho Manas Thatho Bhaavo, Yatho Bhaavas Thatho Rasaha

Where the hands are, go the eyes
Where the eyes are, goes the mind
Where the mind goes, there is bhava (expression of inner feeling)
Where there is bhava, rasa (mood or sentiment) is evoked.

Source: Natyashastras (Approx 200 B.C. - 300 A.D.)

Kalaanjali, LLC is a School of Dance & Music in Madison, Wisconsin, and is directed by its founder Meenakshi Ganesan. The name of the school, Kalaanjali, has its roots in two Sanskrit words. "Kala" means "art" and "Anjali" means "to offer". "Kalaanjali", the name of the school, represents the offering of the arts of dance and music.

The primary focus of Kalaanjali is the offering of training in Bharatanatyam, one of the most prominent forms of Indian Classical Dance. Kalaanjali also offers dance lessons in folk dances from various states of India, and semi-classical dances. Besides dance, Kalaanjali also offers training in Indian Carnatic classical music, devotional bhajans and kirtans, and patriotic songs. For more details, see lessons.

Meenakshi Ganesan and her students frequently perform Bharatanatyam dances, semi-classical dances and folk dances in community events, universities, and other prestigious organizations.

Kalaanjali's Bharatanatyam students get a rigorous training in the Natyashastras, one of the greatest creations in the field of dance, drama, and theater. While the scope Natyashastras is well beyond dance, the Natyashastras offer a systematic education in the basic dance steps, hand gestures, foot movements, eye movements, neck movements, rhythms, facial expressions, and the other rules and principles that make up the the foundation of the dancing art.

The Kalaanjali logo in the circle shown to the right has several meanings. The lines which go through the circle form a 'K' (which stands for Kalaanjali). On the left the Shivalinga Sanyukta Hasta (one of the many double hand gestures used in Bharatanatyam) and a dancer's feet with the Salangai (dancing bells) are depicted. On the right is a picture of a woman playing the Tampura (the essential drone instrument used while rendering traditional Indian Classical music). The hand gesture, the dancing bells, and the musical instrument were chosen to portray Kalaanjali's commitment to the teaching of dance and music. The three symbols also represent the skills of expression (of which hand-gestures are only an example), rhythmic movements, and music that a proficient dancer should have.

To arrange or inquire about performances, lessons, fees, schedules, etc, please contact Meenakshi at at meena@kalaanjali.com or at (608) 833-3102.